Ending Capitalism

When Adam Smith built the first model of a competitive economy in 1776, he unfortunately modelled capitalists as a closed group. Excluding competitive pressures for this elite group.

This model is the very basis for every microeconomic market model ever after. Mostly, because it derived the theoretical price of an economy.

Smith's invisible hand has failed. It's about time to cut it off. ... more

Financial Markets

Financial markets are not like real markets. They reflect expectations. They reflect the expected rate of return out of our enslavement to the rich. So why would you care about these markets? ... more

The Real Thing

All beings on this planet com­pete for its ressources. The more the harder. In the end, it's up to us to decide on how to restrict this competition. To ensure humanity. ... more

Mathematically for Economists

We maximize the output of an economy for i=1,...,n firms.

We define competition for firms by turning their number into what it is: a variable of choice. Not a closed group.

... more

Pretended Democracy

Would you subject yourself to a dominion by the most stupid 25% of a group/mass, or their representative, respectively? Would you be that stupid? ... more

Human Rights in Nazi Germany

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ex dico utroque officiis has, est dicit abhorreant ut. Cu appareat sensibus liberavisse pri. In nemore perfecto eam, quo possit papers_08.html ... more

The open society and its enemies

Competition is not freedeom. It is Coercion. ... more

Some Stray Thoughts

Real is what we make real. We are the sovereign. Or at least we are those who will have to pay the bill. Just a matter of when. ... more


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